The aerospace industry is made of many industry RFID standards (ATA Spec 2000, SAE AS5678), industry programs (part and component tracking for Airbus and Boeing manufacturers, the DoD Unique Identification/UID) and applications (flyable metal parts tracking, materials management & inventory, lifetime traceability, work-in-process tracking, MRO…).


Certified solutions to withstand extreme conditions

The increasing complexity of aircraft and the diversity of missions in remote geographical areas have a significant impact on the cost of maintenance. Reducing operating costs, enhancing security and improving aircraft availability and competitiveness criteria are essential for operators. Improving the management of aircraft maintenance and in particular the knowledge of the configuration and monitoring of aircraft parts contribute to these objectives.

Whatever the use case, aerospace manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance organizations share some common requirements: they need industry-standard RFID contactless solutions that provide exceptional reliability in harsh environments and the best consultancy.

INTEGRA Solution has developed certified solutions to withstand extreme conditions: heat shocks and fast fluctuations, pressure (>10 bars), IP68 (water, detergents, alcohols, oils, petrol, gas…) and flame resistant (self-extinguishing).

RFID solution for aircraft configuration and maintenance management

INTEGRA Solution, with its hardware manufacturer partner STid, has developed a global embedded solution for the Global helicopter manufacturer and support company, Airbus Helicopter.

Airbus Helicopter chose an RFID solution to optimize and simplify helicopter parts life cycle management, and sought assistance from STid, a corporation that manufactures RFID technology and develops innovative RFID solutions. The system aims to identify and authenticate mechanical and avionics parts of an aircraft and integrate specific data on each part for maintenance and support activities.

Airbus Helicopter’s requirements for its RFID system were significant. The system would have to operate in an extremely harsh environment, and be compliant with aeronautical environmental standards withstanding heat shocks, large pressure fluctuations, and contact with liquids. STid, a corporation that manufactures RFID technology and develops innovative RFID solutions, created a new passive RFID tag, called IronTag® to meet Airbus Helicopter’s specific needs.

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