Starting from Energy Solutions market space is substantial 1.7 trillion dollars real-time. The base value, creating the market will change fundamentally in the future. As a result, on-site and internet based energy solutions will incur explosive growth. Control and Monitoring systems are going to be an important part of internet-based energy solutions.


INTEGRA Solution makes life easier
for the Energy Solution Providers

Demand of such systems will substantially increase in the years ahead. Access to real-time data is going to be a crucial factor. Data from various power devices and other resources are to be processed to generate dynamic reports for the decision-makers. INTEGRA Solution makes life easier for the Energy Solution Providers and their customers by helping them in countless ways.

2-way flow of electricity and information

Electrical and "Intelligent" infrastructures.

Remote Energy Solutions

INTEGRA Solution provides specialized RFID contactless hardware and software development services in the area of energy management. We build and deploy extensible, scalable and secure on-site distributed energy solutions using world-class methodologies for these mission critical applications. We provide solutions to control power devices such as generators and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) remotely. This includes monitoring, configuring and scheduling of power devices according to the user needs. On one hand we communicate with power devices at a very low level (implementation of communication protocols & Device Drivers) and on the other hand we provide user-friendly graphical user interfaces to hide the complexities of communication with devices.

This enables users to start and stop a particular device with a single click. We facilitate user with all the available mediums of communication, including Dial Up, Ethernet, CAN, WIFI, ZigBee and Serial communication. To make effective use of device communication, we provide a variety of modules integrating hardware, software, web-based monitoring and maintenance.

Industrial Automation

Automated Testing System is designed for monitoring the product development cycle used by Best Power brand Uninterrupted Power Supply units. The application has been developed in Visual Basic and Component Works, which boast an easy to navigate GUI. The software has options for performing tests, reviewing previously saved results in the database and administrating tasks. The testing module takes any number of samples, views readings by generating graphs and displays the results. The administration module allows the authorized personnel to manage activities by modifying users, products, instruments or temperature components.

An extension of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is CES (Circuit Emulation Service), software application that allows connection of the user's machine to the UPS over the Internet. Once the connection is established, the user can check the real time updates of the battery status, input voltage, output voltage, percentage load and output frequency of the UPS, run time remaining and even remote activation of low battery alarm.

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