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Enterprise applications simplify complex business processes and maximize their efficiency. The two key points for leveraging the enterprise applications development are:

  • Select the right process that can be efficiently reformed with enterprise applications.
  • Provide able resources to successfully develop and implement applications to replace or complement manual business process.

Enterprise applications development team at INTEGRA Solution assists our customers in both of these key areas. We assess clients’ unique business needs and share our knowledge of enterprise technology as it applies to their needs. The development process and the implementation of the system are made seamless with our vast experience and standardized work process.


  • Smart product inventory management and asset tracking
  • Efficient automated re-ordering mechanism
  • Remote management through .NET/Web interface / RESTful style
  • Real time monitoring / alerts - e-mail/text message notifications
  • Audit and reporting
  • Security access control
  • Emergency incident management
  • Audit trail of people entry point and time
  • Cloud based inventory management system
    • - Multiple locations
    • - Multiple devices
    • - Real time updates
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